There are a few reason why the unit may not be cooling:

1. Select the COOL mode.

 Ensure the unit is in COOL mode. Press the mode button until the COOL light is showing:

2. Set the correct temperature.

When first powered on the Air Conditioner is set to 25c, use the Down arrow to reduce the temperature to the required level and providing the room temperature is above this then the cooling will start:

3. Close windows and doors.

Air conditioning relies on air circulation. It will cool the air in a room and re-circulate it to give you a comfortable environment. Please keep the windows and doors closed as much as possible to maximise performance and reduce energy useage. 

4. Use the exhaust hose.

When cool air is created there is also warm air. The exhaust hose takes the warm air and exhausts it through the exhaust hose. This Exhaust hose should be placed through an opening such as a window or a wall exhaust kit. 

When installing the exhaust hose out of the window please try to keep the window closed as much as possible. 

5. Other useful information.

  • It will take up to 5 minutes for the Air Conditioning unit to provide maximum cooling, so once the the temperature adjustment have been made, allow a little time for cooling to really take effect.

  • If the room has reached the required level, for example 19c as shown above, then cooling will stop but the fan will continue to circulate the air, once the room temperature increases then the cooling will start again.