There are many room types, shapes and sizes that can affect the performance of an air conditioning unit.

Firstly ensure the unit is setup correctly by following the below guides:

Installing the exhaust hose 

Setting the correct mode & temperature

For best performance please see the below helpful information:

Close all doors and windows.

The air conditioning unit needs to circulate the cool air around the room to maximise the cooling effect.

If using the exhaust hose out of a window then try to cover the opening part of the window to minimise warm outside air entering the room.

Try to reduce sunlight.

If you have a room with lots of windows and sunlight then the heat from the sun can overpower the cooling effect of the air conditioning unit. 

Try closing curtains to minimise the amount of sunlight entering the room. 

Be aware of your room size.

Air conditioning units come in many different sizes.

If your room is too large, too tall or open plan then the unit may struggle to cope with such a vast area.

You may require a more powerful air conditioning system. Refer to the BTU rating information on the air conditioning unit for room suitability.